How to Update Your Invoice Details

To update your own or a customer's invoice details, you can do the following:

1: Login to the Control Panel

2: Find the account you wish to update the invoice for, using the 'Global Search...' function at the top right of the Control Panel. (This should work with any zimbra domain name or WordPress domain name we host)

3: Click on the blue link for one of the Products shown in the search results

4: Click on the customer account name in the breadcrumb navigation bar at the top of the page

That will take you to a page with a list of all the Products associated with this customer account.

5: To the right of the customer's account name, click on the blue Edit customer button.

That will take you to the customers Account Profile page.

6: Under Account Details you can make updates to company details.

7: Under Business Address click on the Edit Address button to update the postal address.

8: To save your changes, click on the blue Update button at the bottom of the page.

These updated details will now appear on any further invoices sent to the customer.

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