First Steps with Your WordPress Site

Your shiny new site is ready to go. Now what?

We have a couple of recommendations that will help you get started with your site:

1: Enable “pretty” permalinks under: Settings -> Permalinks

Typically “Post name” is a good option - but you can choose whichever setting you prefer.

 The reason for doing this is two-fold.

  • first, your URLs just look nicer
  • secondly your pages will get cached by our servers which will make your site a lot faster

Whenever a link has a question mark in the path the server does not cache that page. By creating “pretty” permalinks you remove the question mark and now the server will cache your pages.

2: Next is to install a plugin to protect against comment spam. I’ve used Anti-spam It’s easy, needs no configuration and it just works. Click here to see more recommendations for Anti-spam here.

Now that you’ve done a couple of things you can take some time to read the official guide:
First Steps with WordPress