Dealing with unwanted emails

How to fix:

  • Detection improves with use – typically the system needs to receive more than 2,000 emails at your domain before accuracy improves. If your domain was recently set-up or if you only receive a handful of emails each week, simply wait and accuracy will likely improve significantly as the system learns from the emails you receive.
  • New spam outbreaks – often new spam outbreaks will crop up and emails which should be blocked will get through undetected. This is because the spam emails appear to the system as perfectly legitimate emails and quite possibly come from trusted senders or systems, even though the emails are indeed spam. After a few hours, our system will most likely begin to block them automatically and there is nothing for you to do. This is because we incorporate feedback from a global network of spam reporting sources and so once the global network starts to confirm the seemingly legitimate emails as spam, our system is able to properly detect them.
  • If you are using Zimbra – see Training the filter system.
  • Check our Recommended spam filtering settings.
  • Blacklist the sender. Ask your email administrator to blacklist the sender of the email. You will need to send your administrator the email headers.