No Bounce Back to Sender, but Email hasn’t Arrived

The sender hasn’t had a bounce back, but they’ve contacted you and established that you don’t have the email

How to fix it:

  • Check your junk folder – is it there?
  • Check your email quarantine (although if the item was quarantined, it’s almost certain that the sender received a bounce back saying that their email wasn’t delivered)
  • Have you recently moved to Zimbra? – it could be that the old provider still has settings in place to send emails to your old mailboxes, instead of routing them to Zimbra. So if someone who also uses your old provider tries to email you, their email to you won’t arrive.
  • Check the logs – if the email is not in the quarantine or junk folder, it’s almost certain that the sender’s system didn’t actually send the email.
  • If you search the logs on our system and there is no entry there, then it’s highly likely the sender’s system is at fault. You can ask them to check their system’s logs which will give the absolute reason (however in most cases, senders can’t be bothered to do this).