Introduction to In-Tuition Networks

What does In-Tuition Networks do?

In-Tuition is a wholesale hosting provider of services such as WordPress, Zimbra and Email Security using our own purpose designed infrastructure located in UK sovereign data centres.

We make it easy for Web Developers, Hosting Providers and IT Managed Service Providers to provide great email and hosting to their customers.

Who are In-Tuition’s Customers?

IT companies who wants to delight their customers with great WordPress, Zimbra or Email services, without the stress and hassle of running 24/7 mission critical services themselves. In practice, that includes Web Developers, Hosting Providers and IT Managed Service Providers.

Partnership based business model:

  • In-Tuition concentrates on delivering reliable services at excellent wholesale rates and never sells to or speaks to end users.
  • Partners leverage In-Tuition’s investments so that they can focus on marketing, sales and support without fear of competition from their provider.

Marketing and Sales

Partners carry out the marketing and sales of the services they choose to provide. In-Tuition helps by providing marketing resources such as product data sheets and other literature, key sales messages, suggested wording for web copy, articles, webinars and white papers.

Billing, Service Provisioning and Support

In-Tuition has no contact with end users. Our partners manage the relationship between themselves and their end users – there is no end user technical support or customer service provided with the In-Tuition services.

Partners use the In-Tuition provided control panel to provision and manage all services and are responsible for all order processing, upgrades, downgrades, terminations and fault management.

Partners receive a single consolidated invoice from In-Tuition every month. The partner is responsible for billing their customers directly.

1st and 2nd Line Technical Support – Partners

There is no end user technical support or customer service provided with the In-Tuition services.

Extensive service documentation, most configuration options, log files and other tools are available via the web control panel allowing partners to fully control and support the services they provision.

Partners should have the appropriate team able to provide customer service and technical support (1st line support) for the services they wish to provide, as well as 2nd line support staff who are able to carry out configuration and troubleshooting.

3rd Line Technical Support – In-Tuition

We pride ourselves in offering first class, highly technical third line support. We always provide comprehensive, well considered answers and our aim is to solve problems with the first reply. Our customers grow to trust and rely upon our replies which saves them time and prevents frustration.

More on our support policy…

More About In-Tuition Networks?

We built our first data centre in the late 90’s and have operated mission critical online services ever since, so we’ve got some clue about what we’re doing. We’re professional and very knowledgeable. We believe in honesty, transparency and being reasonable. Read more About Us.