Custom Zimbra Public Service Host Name

Can we use our own URL for Zimbra access? What about SSL?

Yes, you may use your own URL to access Zimbra services – we call this the Public Service Host Name (PSHN). There are two options as below.

NB – Custom PSHN’s do not support SMTP outbound server names – in cases where you need to specify an SMTP server (only if using IMAP/POP3), you have to use our white label SMTP server name.

Standard PSHN without SSL support

This option is free of charge.

If users access your PSHN using HTTPS they will receive a browser URL mismatch warning, therefore non SSL connections may only be practical in certain situations where your users can be educated to understand the browser warning.

You will not be able to enable SSL for any of these connection types when using your custom PSHN: IMAP, POP3, Zimbra Mobile, Zimbra EWS or Zimbra Connector for Outlook.

Enhanced PSHN with your own SSL Certificate

This option incurs a set-up fee and an ongoing monthly charge. Please contact us for pricing.

Users will be able to use your customer PSHN for all incoming mail hostnames – IMAP, POP3, Zimbra Mobile, Zimbra EWS or Zimbra Connector for Outlook.

Why We Charge for the Enhanced PSHN & SSL Cert

We would like to offer this to everyone without charge, but it is not practical. The work involved in setting this up is not trivial and the customisation requires ongoing maintenance. We have to assign a dedicated Zimbra enabled IP address for each custom domain. We have limited IP address resources and can’t easily gain more. Each dedicated IP has to be enabled and configured on the Zimbra Proxies and must be separately monitored and tracked.

How to Get Started

To get started with enabling your custom PSHN, please read our Zimbra Branding Set-up Guide