How to fix Zimbra Advanced Webmail loading… errors

If you are using Advanced Zimbra Webmail (AJAX client) to read your email and are encountering a “Loading…” error after logging in, use the following instructions to reset your mailbox.

To resolve Zimbra Advanced Webmail loading errors:

  1. Login to Zimbra Admin, search for and edit the problem mailbox.
  2. Whilst editing the mailbox go to Preferences and under General Options change the “Initial Mail Search” to in:sent (from in:inbox). This will temporarily fix the loading error and should allow you to login to the mailbox.

  3. Login to advanced webmail as the user. Look for and remove broken shares in Contacts, Briefcase, Mail, Calendars etc. Fix these broken shares.
  4. Whilst still logged into Webmail, change your View settings to the opposite of what they are currently set to and then revert it back to how it was. For example, if the setting is “By Message”, change it to “By Conversation”. Then set it back to “By Message”.
  5. Whilst still logged into Webmail, go to Preferences -> Mail and set the “Default Mail Search” back to in:inbox.  Alternatively this can be changed in Zimbra Admin like it was in Step 2.
  6. Logout and login to advanced webmail to confirm the loading issue is resolved.
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