How to set-up Zimbra Mobile on an Android Device

This tutorial shows you how to set up Android devices to sync

  • email
  • calendar
  • contacts

with Zimbra Collaboration Server using the Active Sync protocol.

Before getting started

  • Check that your email administrator has enabled this feature otherwise you won’t be able to complete the set-up.
  • Make a note of your:
    • username (your email address)
    • password
    • and Server name

    as you will need them when following this guide. The above details were provided to you when you signed up for the service – please contact your administrator if you do not have them.

Set-up your Android device to work with Zimbra:

NB: Zimbra Mobile supports Android operating systems of release 2.1 and later.

These instructions assume Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow) and greater

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the ‘cog‘ icon
  • If you are running Android 7.1 you’ll need to tap “Cloud and Accounts” and then tap ‘Accounts’. Otherwise simply scroll down the settings menu and tap ‘Accounts‘
  • Tap ‘Add Account’
  • Tap Microsoft Exchange Active Sync
  • Enter your email address and Password
  • If it fails to auto detect settings you’ll be asked to provide more details.
    Enter your full email address. In the ‘Domain\username‘ field enter your email address in the format ‘yourdomain\bob‘ – e.g would enter ‘\anne.smith’.
  • In the Exchange server field enter the Incoming Server name provided to you in your welcome email.
  • Select ‘Use secure connection (SSL)‘ enabled.
  • Press “Sign In” or “Next” and your settings will be verified.
  • If all settings are OK your account will appear in your phones “Accounts” list.

Please see this Zimbra wiki article for full details:

Zimbra Mobile Installation and Setup for Android

and also Zimbra Mobile Plus - Android Devices