Fixing Some Virtual Machine Settings in the VirtualBox GUI

NB: This is an issue that appeared in VirtualBox Version 6.1.38 r153438 running on Linux Mint - so this might not apply to your current installation of VirtualBox on your particular host OS.

Now we have got the ubuntu/focal64 VM up and running in VirtualBox, we need to make a few changes to the VM's configuration settings inside the VirtualBox GUI.

Changes to a VM's configuration can only be done when the VM is not running. To shutdown the ubuntu/focal64 VM from the terminal, we can use the:

keith@hp-compaq-b:~/workspace/vagrant/focal64$ vagrant halt


With the VM Powered Off, go to the VirtualBox GUI to fix the 'Invalid settings detected' errors.

To fix No hard disk is selected for SCSI (SCSI Port 1)

Go to Settings->Storage and highlight the SCSI Port 1 entry under Controller: SCSI and delete that as it's not needed.

To fix No hard disk is selected for SCSI (SCSI Port 0)

We need to attach the ubuntu-focal-20.04-cloudimg.vmdk to the SCSI Port 0 controller.

Go to Settings->Storage and under Storage Devices -> Controller: SCSI highlight the Empty SCSI Port 0 entry

Click on the blue HDD icon at the right of the SCSI Port 0 Hard Disk

Click on Choose/Create a Virtual Hard Disk...

Click on 'Refresh'

Highlight the ubuntu-focal-20.04-cloudimg.vmdk with a virtual size of 40.00GB and click on 'Choose'

Click the 'OK' button

That should have now fixed the Invalid Storage settings.

To fix the Display: Screen page error:

Go to Settings->Display and change the Graphics Controller to the suggested 'VMSVGA' controller.

Click on the OK button. That should have now fixed the issue with the Invalid settings detected for the graphics controller