How often is my site backed up?

Backups are important to us - so we take a multi-layered approach.

The first is an enterprise level solution which encrypts all data and transfers the archives to Amazons S3. We retain 30 daily backups, and 15 weekly backups which will allow you to restore from archives that are up to 3 months old.

The next layer of backups is done at the virtual machine level. We take full image snapshots every night which includes all website data.

The 3rd layer is live replication. That’s happening in real time at the database level and on a regularly scheduled basis for files.

In the event of a catastrophic failure it’s possible that you could lose some recently uploaded files. Your content will be replicated immediately so any blog posts or pages you create would not be affected by a server failure unless you were in the middle of creating it when the failure happened.