Protecting Your WordPress Website

Pendeo is designed to prevent your site from getting hacked. Security is best practiced as a series of countermeasures against known vulnerabilities or threats. We provide the essential underlying protective layers and the rest is up to you.

There is no protection against a weak password so… The single most effective way to keep your WordPress website secure is to use strong passwords. Use a password manager such as so you don’t need to remember those crazy long passwords. Alternatively, you can use your brower’s built in password manager.

You’ll still need to generate a ridiculously long and random password first so you can use or just click here to have 5 passwords generated automagically.

We provide a feature to put your site into LOCKDOWN mode which makes all files and directories unwritable by the web server. Hover over the easyPress menu link in the top left corner of your wp-admin screens and then click on the Security Lockdown link. Then proceed to click the LOCKDOWN button.

Third Party Scanners

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