Zimlets Policy

Do you support Zimlets on your Platform and will you install my custom Zimlet or Skin?

Yes, we support a number of Zimlets on our platform.

As for installing custom Zimlets or Skins, this is slightly more complicated for the following reasons:

  • Any Zimlet has the potential to introduce instability or security holes. Consequently, we need to thoroughly evaluate and test any custom Zimlet prior to installing it – this takes at least 4 hours and sometimes many days if there are issues. If we installed every Zimlet requested, we’d never have time for our day jobs!
  • Even standard, i.e. Zimbra supplied Zimlets, can [and often do] cause issues during upgrades, let alone custom Zimlets.
  • Once we install a Zimlet and users start to use it regularly, if something goes wrong with the Zimlet and it stops working, there is an expectation that we are duty bound to fix the issues. This can [and has] taken days of debugging and development time.

Our primary concern is to maintain the integrity of our Zimbra platform for all users. We will consider Zimlets if we feel that it is a worthwhile feature addition for the platform as a whole or could lead to significant additional mailbox sales. If a Zimlet or Skin is very specific to your business and will only appeal to a small number of users, then we will provide a quote to cover the evaluation, installation and ongoing maintenance.

Alternatively, you could always consider purchasing your own dedicated Zimbra machine from us.