Alias domain promote to primary

How do I swap the primary and alias domains?

Occasionally it is necessary to change from using the primary to an alias domain. There are two ways to accomplish this: 

Option 1 – change the “from” address for each mailbox using the Persona feature in Zimbra webmail preferences. 

Option 2 – move each mailbox from the primary to the alias domain. Note – whilst you are performing the below procedure mail may bounce.

This guide assumes that both primary and alias domains have MX records already pointing to Zimbra. 

Primary domain:
Alias domain:

  • Delete – the alias domain.
  • Provision as a Zimbra domain.
  • Move mailboxes from to by logging into Zimbra admin using an account which has permission on both domains. Edit the domain for each mailbox – this effectively moves it from one domain to the other.
  • Perform the same procedure for distribution lists and resources.
  • Check that all mailboxes, aliases, distribution lists and resources have been moved to – should be empty.
  • Delete
  • Provision as an alias of

After the change, users should login to Zimbra using their email address. Make sure all devices are updated with the new username. 

NB – in our experience IMAP, Mobile and Outlook Connector clients do not need to perform a complete re-sync of the mailbox after performing the above procedure.