Sending a newsletter

Your system restricts sending to more than 100 recipients in a single email. How do I send an email to my mailing list?

We restrict the sending of an email to more than 100 recipients in order to help protect our systems from the possibility of being blacklisted for sending spam. Even if we were to allow it, the fact is, maintaining a mailing list of any size using standard email software is tricky and time consuming to say the least – there are far better ways to achieve the desired result that do not involve you adding recipient email addresses to the BCC field.

Whilst we certainly do not wish to promote the proliferation of spam, we recognise that many of our customers operate perfectly legitimate email mailing lists. The purpose of this article is to provide some guidance on how you may best manage such a list.

Sending email to a large list of email subscribers is best managed using a specialised tool. Either a software program that you install on your PC or a web based service which you access via your browser.

Before you proceed with any bulk email sending, please ensure that you are fully aware of both the law as it relates to the sending of electronic messages and our acceptable use policy. The rules are quite straight forward, however, if you are not familiar with them it is easy to generate bad feeling amongst your recipients and worse, you, or more typically we, may receive complaints or our systems may be blacklisted. We operate a very strict policy on spam and may suspend your account if we think that you are sending unsolicited emails via our network.

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